l’oreal paris visible lift blur blush

l'oral visible lift blur blush

windblown cheeks were all over the fall runways in february. in my opinion, this is one of the most fun trends because 1) it involves color and 2) when done right, the look gives you an instant facelift. if you’re looking to adopt the fresh-from-a-hike flush, i’m recommending l’oreal’s gorgeous new anti-aging blush. arriving in three colors, visible lift delivers sheer color and instantly erases the look of any fine lines.

out of the tube, the pigments are a bit shocking, so a little (and i do mean a very little) goes a long way. unlike other cream or liquid blush options, this goes on very even without any patching or blotchiness (meaning, it doesn’t fight my foundation). i like to start slow and build up with light layers until that punch of pink is just perfect. when i’m done, any dullness is blurred away and the finish is dewy, fresh, flawless. if you have visible pores, you’ll find that this truly does hide them a bit and oily skinned gals will really appreciate the 8-hour wear.

i haven’t fallen this hard for a drugstore blush possibly ever. i’m loving the combination of skincare and pure fun, beautiful color from l’oreal.

l’oreal visible lift blur blush, $11.99 >

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