neutrogena 7-day retinol road test

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a major skincare overhaul is not normally something that i’m game for, but every once in awhile the claims are so good that i just can’t resist. neutrogena asked me to road test their rapid wrinkle repair products for seven days, claiming that i would see noticeable improvements in fine lines and overall skin tone. since i’ve been trusting my face to neutrogena since puberty, i jumped right in.

i’ve been using the regimen for seven days and photographing my progress. (yup, that’s me up there, being super brave and putting my makeup-free face on the internet…) in the mornings, i hydrated with rapid wrinkle repair moisturizer spf 30 and before bed, i alternated rapid wrinkle repair night moisturizer with the coordinating serum. i also applied rapid wrinkle repair eye cream each night.

before i started, my skin was mostly clear with a few spots and a minor forehead breakout that’s driving me insane. (note to self: must find out which of my hair products is causing this!) i have some fine lines underneath and in the outer corners of my eyes – the kind that are really ferocious when i smile.

here’s how the seven days played out:

day 1 – the rapid wrinkle repair moisturizer feels (and smells!) really good on my skin out of the shower. i apply the serum at night and notice that it’s not harsh at all. it’s hydrating, glides on and feels like it’s working with my skin.

day 2 – in the morning, i notice that my skin is less red, and surprisingly soft. it feels balanced (not dry or greasy) and it looks more calm and even than on a typical morning. things are off to a good start!

day 3 – no breakouts or irritation (but my skin isn’t clearing either) and redness continues to improve. i really like how the night moisturizer is soothing, but doesn’t feel heavy. i’m also noticing how applying eye cream regularly is definitely helping to improve that area.

day 4 – my skin feels a little dry this morning, so i opt for my regular moisturizer (without retinol). at night i apply the serum and instantly notice how calm and soft my skin is. it’s a big difference over my normal routine.

day 5 – i’m seeing a tiny difference under my eyes. i can’t say that i pay too much attention to this area (i rely heavily on concealer!) but it does seem that the skin under my eyes is really smooth and noticeably more firm. it’s also softer to the touch.

day 6 – there’s no doubt – the surface of my skin is changing. my face looks renewed and so much less dull.

day 7 – my skin feels slightly fatigued, probably from the barrage of retinol, and a bit dry, but i can’t help noticing that it’s visually improved. all in all i am impressed!

i honestly wasn’t expecting any noticeable changes in just a week, but there’s no denying that my skin is less red, more even, and the skin under my eyes is greatly improved. i have to say that i’m surprised at how well my skin handled all of the retinol. neutrogena is definitely on to something with products that don’t irritate faces needing a little extra tlc and it doesn’t hurt that you can scoop these up without sacrificing your entire budget.

i’m not sure that i need to keep up with the entire regimen, but my favorite product of the group is definitely the serum and i think i’ll keep that one in my routine for awhile.

have you tried any of these products? do you use retinol in your beauty routine?

neutrogena was kind enough to provide products and compensation for this post. all brutally honest opinions are my own. thank you so very much for supporting the brands that support the glossarie!

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2 Comments to neutrogena 7-day retinol road test

  1. Interesting that a product actually seemed to work after only a week…. I might have to check it out!!

    Happy holidays!

    • lara ramos says:

      i certainly would not have believed it if i didn’t try it! it’s impressive and the price point is not to be argued with. let me know if you try these!