love your curls

oh, dove. you’re really tugging at my heartstrings with this one.

the love your curls campaign was designed to encourage women and girls to celebrate and take pride in their curly hair – something that i fail to do, always. with baby lou in the picture (curls pending – baldish at the moment), it breaks my heart to think about her feeling frustration, anxiety or dislike towards any single part of her. admittedly, this video was a bit of a wake up call and a reminder that the littles in our life look up to us. it’s important for us to set the stage and instill confidenceĀ in them. dove has nailed this message and done it in such a sweet way that it has me thinking hard about (sigh) giving the flat iron a rest…

do you have curly hair? does your daughter? i’d love to hear how you #loveyourcurls!

ps – curly hair favorites here, here, and here

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2 Comments to love your curls

  1. Joie says:

    My daughter-in-law has SUPER curly hair and my grandaughter has the sweetest curls ever. It breaks my heart to think she would see herself as anything else than perfect the way she is. I love what Dove does to help woman love and accept themselves in all their natural glory.

    • lara ramos says:

      isn’t it the sweetest? i love hearing that your granddaughter got her mom’s curls! i can’t wait to see if louisa gets mine (i have my mom’s :))

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