l’oreal paris lift blur concealer

l'oreal paris visible lift blur concealer

as much as i love makeup, it’s always nice to simplify. if i can eliminate a tube or bottle from my drawer in favor of a multitasker, well then i’m all for it. historically, for whatever reason, it has always been difficult to find a concealer that works for both blemishes and under eye circles. i’m not sure why since the science behind what you would want in each concealer is mostly similar: something that diminishes dark pigment, adds brightness, and masks the imperfection. under eye concealers, however, are typically too heavy for blemish coverage, drawing more attention to the spot that i’m trying to hide and blemish concealers never quite cut it when it comes to brightening up my under eyes.


in a recent journey across the blogs, someone recommended l’oreal visible lift blur – from the drugstore. i had to try it, so i scooped it up on a target run in the fair shade. i instantly appreciated what it did for my dark circles – lightness! brightness! flawless application! it goes on featherlight yet completely hides the blue-ish tones and takes the edge off of any puffiness. lift and blur are the perfect descriptors here – this concealer is giving me back the firm and bright-eyed look of my youth. you need it.

then, on a whim, after developing a monster chin zit (ugh, need i remind the universe that i am nearing 33 years of age?), i dotted my concealer brush into my new friend from l’oreal and patted it onto the offending blemish. holy crap! it vanished and some sort of light-deflecting magic was left in its place. it didn’t irritate or dry out my skin and it lasted throughout the entire day.

i’m just going to say it: that this concealer officially solves all of your problems and for less than $12 there’s no reason for it not to live in your beauty drawer.

l’oreal paris visible lift blur concealer, $11.99 >

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4 Comments to l’oreal paris lift blur concealer

  1. Ooh! Excited to read about this one. I find it really hard to find a concealer that goes on light, like you described. The heavier stuff just refuses to blend. I think I will look for this product!


    • lara ramos says:

      this blends so beautifully! try applying it with a fluffy concealer brush (although i have used my finger in a pinch and it works perfectly) – let me know what you think.

  2. Well, I’m convinced. I’m going to have to run out and try it!

    <3 Tawni @ Moonshine Beauty

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