mario badescu alpha-grapefruit cleansing lotion

mario badescu alpha-grapefruit cleansing lotion

i’ve been suffering from a ferocious case of the tiny forehead bumps – for weeks. i cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing them and i have completely overhauled my hair routine (twice) to uncover the culprit. since they’re not terribly visible, i can just feel them when washing my face and applying moisturizer, i chocked it up to hormones and carried on.

then, a week or two ago, a gorgeous box of mario badescu replenishments arrived and in it was a new-to-me toner. i’ve been using these pads religiously with no complaints, but i’m always up for finding something better, so i gave it a whirl and went to bed. unbeknownst to me, this new toner worked all manner of miracles while i slept and – i kid you not – the next morning, all tiny forehead bumps had vanished. my smooth bump-free forehead was BACK!

i thought it might be a fluke, but i had to travel recently and pads are much easier to tote on a flight than a bottle of toner. after a few days away, surprise! the nasty forehead bumps had returned with a vengeance. i didn’t think too much of it, but now that i’m home and have worked the mario toner back into my routine for one night only, i am cured again! (i know – this is a roller coaster.)

the exfoliation powers in this gentle toner know no bounds and there is no itchy or harsh feeling like i have previously experienced with chemical exfoliants. the citrus ingredients rapidly decongest pores and break down dead skin cells (the two likely culprits of my atrocious forehead bumps) for clear, healthy skin. the addition of aloe means that it doesn’t tear up your face while it works and skin is left refreshed and glowing.

yet another win for mario the magician! please tell me you have tried these products – if not, your skin is seriously missing out.

mario badescu alpha-grapefruit cleansing lotion, $15 >


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  1. MK says:

    Thank you so much for this recommendation. I was so convinced by your review that I ordered it right away. This stuff is amazing. I tend to get little bumps/blackheads on my chin, plus periodic bumps on my forehead/neck. This stuff fixes them so quickly. Such a great product.

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