living proof curl collection

living proof curl collection

you can forget everything that you think you know about caring for your curly hair, because living proof is changing the game.

i have a horrendous habit of treating my natural curls with the utmost disrespect. i have tried time and time again to part ways with my flat iron, and the throes of motherhood may just be the thing that tips me over the edge. for me, curly hair could be a cinch. it takes virtually zero effort and needs no heat styling. the trick is that without the right products, without the right system, it can go very, very wrong.

i test curl products here and there, but none of them really deliver what i’m looking for. the truth is that because my curls are flattened so regularly, they have lost a lot of their shape. they now fall somewhere between curls and waves and it takes a bit more effort than it used to to keep them looking good.

when living proof announced their new curl collection, i was really intrigued. the thing i love about living proof is that it’s run by scientists. (it’s also endorsed by jennifer aniston who i am not ashamed to say i adore, and it’s based in my home city of boston, but that’s neither here nor there.) each of their products is designed to effectively treat a specific concern and they almost always deliver beautifully.

these curl products are super innovative and anyone with curly hair knows that treating and prepping your curls for the day begins in the shower. you need a product that will effectively cleanse your hair without stripping it so that you get curls that are properly shaped without being weighed down. living proof curl conditioning wash presents like a super thick conditioner. it doesn’t lather. you rub it between your hands and scrub it into your scalp. it feels really weird if you’re someone like me who lives for lather, but it leaves my hair soft, clean, and not weighed down.

in lieu of a conditioner, living proof offers up a curl detangling rinse that has the consistency of a serum or gel. it’s very unusual for a rinse-out conditioning-type product, but it works like a charm to detangle my hair without adding any grease or heaviness. this product is truly innovative and i think it’s the secret sauce in this system – i love it so so much.

for styling, i have taken to the curl enhancing styling mousse. living proof prescribes this product over its curl defining cream for those of us who have “weaker curl patterns” and need shape, definition and hold with a bit of conditioning to prevent frizz. i say brilliant, perfect, yes.

the end results from using this trio are what i like to refer to as the dream curls. the ones that carrie bradshaw has that are perfectly coiled yet still soft and effortless. oh my goodness, living proof has made me so happy with this system and i know curly girls across the world are going to agree.

living proof curl collection, $15 – $28 >

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3 Comments to living proof curl collection

  1. Storie says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing this collection! Curious if you’ve ever tried Deva Curl An-Gel on your curls, and if so, how did the end result compare to living proof?

    • lara ramos says:

      i have not tested deva curl, but my mom (whose hair is much curlier than mine) is obsessed! i think deva curl is still the ultimate product range for girls with true curls. mine are waves (wannabe curls) so i think the living proof kind of gives them the right boost and shape. hope that’s helpful!

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