bevee trifold sidekick

** taking a brief break from beauty to share one of the best accessories to come into my life in a long while. **

i used to be this very organized person. never missed a beat, never would have dreamed that i would leave my phone at lou’s daycare or put my keys down in the beauty aisle at target only to have a full-on panic attack in the parking lot. (i guess a bit of brain power gets sacrificed when one is raising a tiny human?) it only took three mini disasters for me to begin researching the¬†ultimate solution.

bevee trifold sidekick sapphire

bevee is providing the answer with their trifold sidekick – and the brilliance of this crossbody is not to be underestimated. at its core, this is a gorgeous over-sized wallet on a strap, but it’s really much better than that.

bevee trifold sidekick sapphire

the inside is completely organized with slots, slip pockets for receipts and cash, and a zip pocket where i can easily stash my daily beauty needs. on the back,¬†there’s a slip pocket for my phone (so it’s easily accessible) and it’s also where the strap is a cinch to attach and detach, taking this cutie from clutch to crossbody in a second.

bevee trifold sidekick sapphire billfold

quite possibly my favorite thing about the bag is the detachable billfold. this is extra genius because when i change bags for an event or evening out (few and farther between these days, but still), i’m always pulling my license and debit card out of my wallet and tossing them loosely into the belly of my favorite clutch. now, with one smart move, i can snap the billfold out of my sidekick and slip it right into a clutch, never pulling my most important cards from their assigned slots.

i love how bevee has gotten me to go completely hands-free, greatly decreasing the chance that any of my essentials will be lost again. i had to share the love because i know so many people who can benefit from this system – it’s a wallet, crossbody, clutch, billfold and lifesaver in one.

bevee trifold convertible in sapphire, $190 >

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