wet n wild shimmer palette in hollywood boulevard

wet n wild hollywood boulevard

i have searched makeup counters far and wide for the perfect everyday eyeshadow, so imagine my surprise when perfection was discovered on the drugstore shelf. i admittedly haven’t given wet n wild a second glance since high school, but when this palette started popping up on my favorite beauty spots around the web, i hunted it down immediately.

technically designed to give your face an all-over highlight, hollywood boulevard is generously sized (i.e. huge – easily the size of my palm) and includes shades of pink, brown and golden yellow. at first glance it might not look like something you want to douse your eyelids in, but i promise you that the resulting finish is soft and natural, a subtly sparkly pink champagne with the slightest gilded look that’s perfect for everyday. in short? it’s neutral, easy, and ultra glowy.

i think i’m so in love with it because the powder itself is almost creamy, making it a gorgeous option for your eyes (and far better than a lot of eyeshadows that just don’t hold together). it stays in place really well on my oily lids and gives a solid full day’s worth of wear time, especially if i add a layer of this stuff underneath.

wet n wild is giving me everything i’ve been searching for!  it’s beautifully neutral, yet special without trying hard. it’s pigmented and buildable – all from a very surprising source.

wet n wild shimmer palette in hollywood boulevard, $5.99 >

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8 Comments to wet n wild shimmer palette in hollywood boulevard

  1. Katie J says:

    The timing on this is just perfect!! When I was traveling for work last week I dropped my very favorite neutral shadow on the flood in the bathroom and bam — RIP NARS NICO! This sounds like the perfect color to try out while I finish my cosmetics grieving period. I think I’ll also be checking out the Urban Decay base as well! Thanks for always sharing exciting beautiful things!! xoxo

    • lara ramos says:

      ohh nars nico is gorgeous! what a sad day :(

      give this one a test – would be so pretty on you!

  2. So crazy–I had this in my hand last night at Target! I don’t think I’ve ever given Wet N Wild a look, but I was perusing their super cheap nail polish. I’ve been trying the Maybelline Master Hi-Light (similar concept to this) for my face and have been loving it.

    I love your suggestion to use it on my lids….and at this price point? There’s not much to consider LOL

  3. Sara says:

    Ahh I can’t seem to get my hands on this! I’ve looked at CVS and Walmart but it’s not in stock yet. Is this limited edition? I’ll have to check Target next time I’m there… can’t pass up a good Wet N’ Wild product! Just got their matte bronzer and it’s not too orange on my pale skin — yay!

    • lara ramos says:

      oh no! i have seen it at cvs and i don’t believe that it’s limited edition. i purchased mine on drugstore.com if you get really desperate :)

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