mark. naked love body butter

mark. naked love body butter

i don’t know what it’s like where you are, but in virginia, we came crashing head-first into summer at about 100 mph. i went from wearing jeans and long sleeves to shorts and a tank over night. suddenly, i’m exposed and very aware of my pasty skin – which after a long winter, lacks hydration, brightness and any hint of a flattering glow. beyond all of that, i’m headed to miami in a few short weeks creating the need for a major skin-tervention.

so, what’s the gorgeous product serving as my saving grace? meet mark. naked love body butter. off the bat, the naked love scent from mark. is insanely good. it combines apricot nectar, white peaches, freesia, and skin musk for an absolutely intoxicating combination. mix the heavenly smell up with the absolute best skin-moisturizing formula on the market and my friends at mark. are really onto something.

this chubby tub of goodness houses a heavenly and rich hydrator that soaks in and adds moisture without feeling heavy. it makes a quick difference in the visible health of my skin, delivering a soft and smooth texture that’s to die for. perhaps best of all, i love how the yummy scent hangs around all day and that it feels like full-on pampering without a lot of effort.

if you’re on the search for something to make your skin feel blissful and smell even better, this may just the the best $12 you ever spend.

mark. naked love body butter, $12 >

lucky me – my role as mark. blogger ambassador continues in 2015!

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  1. This is ‘thee’ best scent ever! I love it, great product.. great line!

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