l’oreal telescopic mascara carbon black


this is the time of year when all mascaras begin to betray me. when you combine oily lids, watery eyes and virginia humidity, smudging is inevitable. i think i probably hate raccoon eyes more than anything. the rest of me could be impeccably put together, but a smudge of mascara under my eyes just makes me feel like such a hot mess. am i alone here?

after a recent bout with smudging – even my go-to’s were failing me! – and a refusal to move towards waterproof, i was on the verge of going for extensions. as a last ditch effort, i sat down to do some serious research on smudge-proof, yet washable mascaras and the only new-to-me mascara popping up in reviews was l’oreal telescopic carbon black. i ran to cvs with mediocre hopes, but let me tell ya, this stuff was love at first swipe.

first off, it’s blacker than black so you get intense definition and stand-out lashes before we even begin talking length – which it delivers in a big way. the brush separates everything out beautifully and doesn’t clump (not one bit!) for long, glossy, gorgeous black lashes. i love the fanned-out look that this gives to my eyes and smudging is nonexistent.

i’m more impressed by this mascara than every single designer mascara that i have tried in recent months. i don’t know where this holy grail has been hiding, but i’m so glad that pages (upon pages) of google research has brought us together.

l’oreal telescopic mascara carbon black, $7.59 >

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6 Comments to l’oreal telescopic mascara carbon black

  1. meagans says:

    I’ve recently discovered this mascara as well and am a big fan. I love the little, thin wand and think it does a great job… but, unfortunately, it doesn’t hold a curl very well.

    • lara ramos says:

      that’s a good point – it does make for some straight’ish lashes, you’re correct. i have learned that some things must be sacrificed and i cannot stand for smudging!

  2. Maryn says:

    Sounds amazing! I must pick some up. I have similar issues (though live in Oregon, not Virginia!) and recently discovered Touch In Sol – Stretchex mascara at Sephora. It’s a little-known Korean brand which I hadn’t previously heard of and let me tell you – it’s a total game changer! If you like tubing formulas, you should give it a try.

    • lara ramos says:

      touch in sol is high on my list! thank you for the reminder – that’s an impressive endorsement :)

  3. Gj says:

    I’ll have to give this a try! Almost every mascara smudges on me. I find that Lancome Hypnose Star doesnt smudge, and most recently I tried the L’oreal Manga mascara, and surprisingly, it doesn’t smudge for being such a thick formula. I will definitely have to try the L’oreal Telescopic formula and see how it holds up this summer :)

    • lara ramos says:

      let me know what you think! i never tried the hynose star – but i might have to. i liked manga, too!