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i’ve spent the last five days in las vegas – and if that’s not the place to reevaluate your life choices, i’m not sure what is. it was my first time there and it was 100% the spectacle that i envisioned. it probably would have been a blast in my 20’s, but at the tender age of 33, bopping from frigid convention center to deliciously indulgent restaurant to insanely dry hotel room (with nothing but smoky casino in-between) really wreaked havoc on my skin. fitting those activities between two five-hour plane rides means that my congested complexion and my dehydrated hair are having a serious problem upon return to virginia. (read: it’s not pretty.)

when things really start going haywire, i like to return to my skincare home base. i stop testing all products and go back to what i know. for me, that means using this ultra-gentle hydrating cleanser, followed by this calming and clearing toner. in the mornings, i use my holy grail daily moisturizer and i give my hair a break from the hot tools with my go-to curl routine. at night, i slather this nourishing balm on my lips (everyone should have a tube of this in their makeup bag!) and i’m currently loving this eye cream because it’s lightweight, but it’s really working to combat my fine lines.

this morning, my skin is already calmer and clearer – i think i actually heard it say “ahhh” last night as i hit the pillow.

do you have those “home base” products that can set your skin straight when it gets off track? on a side note, i’m starting to feel like i need to invest in a good detox mask for when travel gets the best of me…suggestions welcome!

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