murad anti-aging acne regimen

murad time release acne cleanser

acne in your 30’s is straight up obnoxious. i don’t know whether mine is attributed to hormones, stress or just a general curse from the universe, but my cyclical breakouts can be relentless and my sensitive skin always seems like a ticking time bomb.

on sunday, i came home from three days in miami where i had clogged my pores with sunblock, sweated it out on the beach (and the dance floor) and used OPP (other people’s products) – your basic recipe for disaster. on monday morning, my skin retaliated with a fresh batch of cystic pimples. ugh!

while i had been away, the kind people at murad delivered the latest innovations from their anti-aging acne line. the reason these products are so genius is that they are designed to target seriously stubborn acne in grownups while also hydrating and treating signs of aging — but the very best thing about them is that they work! fast.

i don’t think that one product has ever changed my skin so quickly. i implemented the time release acne cleanser into my evening routine and saw a noticeable difference the very next morning. my skin was less oily and my acne (which i spot treated with the advanced acne and wrinkle reducer) was almost gone. the cleanser is perfect because i don’t need to add a toner afterwards, eliminating one product from my routine, and it continues to fight acne after i’ve rinsed it off, while i sleep. the treatment then follows up to work quickly without any harsh side effects of redness or over drying.

these products actually work better than the prescription acne medication that i get from my dermatologist. they are not messing around and anyone who is still suffering from breakouts is going to find some seriously sweet relief in this lineup.

just a quick note: as always with skincare that packs this much of a punch, i recommend getting a sample at sephora and testing it on a small patch of skin. my skin is super sensitive and i didn’t have any issue, but the ingredients here (a combination of acids) are powerful and i would hate to be the cause of any adverse reactions.

murad time release acne cleanser, $$32 >

murad advanced acne and wrinkle reducer, $44 >

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  1. “OPP” – hahahahah! I can’t wait to dive into this either. So glad you’ve enjoyed so far.

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