peter thomas roth acne-clear invisible dots

peter thomas roth acne-clear invisible dots

so by now we all know that i was not blessed with good skin. call me the acne product testing queen, because i try them all. my biggest gripe with spot treatments is that i never feel like they are concentrated enough to make an impact, plus you have to rub them in, smearing them all over the clear skin around your spots that really doesn’t need any harsh doses. it has just never seemed like a very efficient process to me, and it’s nearly impossible to find something that makes an impact overnight.

peter thomas roth acne-clear invisible dots are changing the game a bit, solving all of my problems with one tiny and impossibly clear disk. for all intensive purposes, these are zit stickers. they are seriously concentrated and very sticky, so they don’t pop off in the middle of the night. they come in multiple sizes to treat offending acne of all varieties and they work.

here’s what i have found after using these dots to clear two persistent cystic spots:

they cover the area, completely sealing it off which does three things – it protects the sensitive infected area, it prevents the spread of bacteria to other areas of your face and (possibly most important of all) it prevents me from touching it, allowing it to actually heal. after wearing these overnight, each spot is drastically reduced (i’m estimating by at least 50% or more) and redness is also far less evident thanks to hyaluronic acid that calms the skin, preventing irritation and combatting the harsh effects of salicylic acid (that’s what actually kills the zit).

peter thomas roth is on to something major with these dots and any/all acne sufferers are going to sing their praises. it’s been a long time since i have tried a treatment this innovative and this effective – zit stickers for everyone! #yourewelcome

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  1. Still haven’t REALLY tried these. Having a moment right now with my face so absolutely giving them a shot tonight. THANK YOU for reviewing!!

  2. Brunette says:

    This sounds like a life saving product! I can’t wait to check it out! xx


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