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l'oreal revitalift triple power

i am constantly seeing changes in my skin – i can chalk it up to endless product testing, postpartum hormonal surges, diet choices, the weather, you name it. the problem is that i don’t want to go running to my dermatologist every time a new (non-serious) issue crops up. shopping for skincare is a mystery for many women, myself included, and if your skin is temperamental on top of feeling overwhelmed by choice, things can go horribly wrong.

l’oréal recently invited me to take their online skin consultation, test a range of products for four weeks, and share my results with you. we can probably all agree that l’oréal is a longstanding expert in the skincare department, so i was thrilled at the chance to conduct this little experiment.

after sharing my personal skin story with l’oréal, they sent three products from their revitalift™ triple power™ line my way. i found them to be excellent quality and really impressive in the way that they deliver quick results.

the revitalift™ triple power™ day lotion moisturizer SPF 20 folded right into my routine without causing any irritation or breakouts. i love the way that it primed my skin for makeup, gliding right over top. after repeated use, i definitely find that my mild sunspots are fading and i see an overall brighter look to my skin. i’m not suffering from any fine lines (yet) so i can’t speak to the smoothing properties, but this is a really nice everyday moisturizer with salicylic acid – great for the breakout prone!

at night, i substituted my current eye cream for revitalift™ triple power™ eye treatment. this stuff is so-o silky! it practically applies itself so there’s no added rough handling of the delicate eye area. i use my ring finger in lieu of the metal tip (just my cup of tea, i bet that thing feels amazing!) things felt more hydrated and definitely brighter right away. i don’t see much of an impact on my freshly developed fine lines, but the brightening factor is not to be underestimated.

the hero of the group for me is the revitalift™ triple power™ intensive overnight mask. it has kind of a unique texture (like melted marshmallow, maybe?) but it’s super lightweight and feels really good going on. it completely calmed my stressed out skin, erasing the dull texture and leaving me with what felt like someone else’s glowing and clear complexion. i kid you not, after the very first use, i felt like i had gotten a facial while i slept! since it arrived, i’ve been using it every other night and the results are incredibly good. (i especially love that it does not have to be rinsed off!)

i’m calling my l’oréal #askskinexpert experience a major win and would highly recommend giving the program and these products a test if you have mild skin concerns or want to be proactive in fighting the dreaded signs of aging.

endless thanks to l’oreal and conde nast for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Karina says:

    I’ve been using the overnight mask since it first came out! I’m 46 and blessed with great skin (thanks mom and sunscreen!) but the dryness kicked in at age 45 and I am obsessed with hydrating. For years, I’ve been using ROC retinol cream layered with Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream, which was giving me great results, but adding the Loreal overnight mask took things to another level! I highly recommend adding it as the last step in any nighttime skincare regimen.

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