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i don’t normally stray from beauty here in the glossarie, but last month i was introduced to a product that i’m so taken with, i have to share it with you.

simply put, the people at LOLA have decided to build a better tampon. they have created a new breed of feminine care products that are 100% hypoallergenic cotton, unlike what’s currently sitting underneath your bathroom sink. i won’t get into what those products are probably comprised of, but i will tell you that it’s not good for you – and i can’t believe that i never questioned it.

after reading about LOLA in some of my favorite internet places like here, here and here, i had to get in on the action. i switched last month and could not be happier knowing that not only does this product provide superior protection (just as good, if not better than my former favorite) while also giving me peace of mind about what i put inside of my body, but it shows up at my door every month. how about forever crossing tampons off of your shopping list? yes please.

i will avoid publicly broadcasting all of the reasons why these made / are currently making my period a more pleasant experience, but if you’re curious, please email me and i will share! i will just say that i can feel a major difference and i am obsessed with the subscription feature – this is coming from someone who subscribes to nothing.

if you’re interested in trying LOLA, they are currently offering your first two boxes for $9 (usually $10 each) and each box is fully customizable in terms of size to fit your needs. i hope this is helpful to some of you – and that you are compelled to share it with your moms, daughters, sisters, friends. i feel strongly that the beauties behind this business are really onto something – and it’s something that i can definitely get behind.

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  1. GA says:

    yay! lola is the BEST.

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