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on saturday afternoon, i visited the beautiful and newly redesigned origins store at market common clarendon. after a tour of the new space, i sat down with kristen for a mini facial. since my skin is so super finicky, i was a little nervous about diving into a slew of new products, but she made me feel very at ease. we talked through my current routine (basically throwing a lot of acids at my face in hopes that it clears up my acne) and all of my many concerns. kristen took copious notes and then went “shopping” around the store for my new regimen.

origins dr. weil mega-mushroom

we started with a fresh take on cleansing as kristen became keenly aware that i have been over-washing my face. she introduced me to mega-mushroom skin relief micellar cleanser and oh, my goodness! my skin has never felt so comfortably clean. she followed up with the corresponding toner and stressed the importance of this step for clearing away everything that cleansing leaves behind. usually, after cleansing and toning my skin feels tight and like i can’t soak it in moisturizer fast enough, but after these two steps, my face was feeling soft and smooth to the touch, not at all tight or angry. i was slowly becoming hooked!

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for daytime, kristen introduced me to mega-bright spf 30 skin tone correcting oil-free moisturizer. it’s aimed to help reduce spots and irritations (hello, acne scarring) while restoring clarity to uneven skin. this stuff could not be more specifically made for me and i would have never found it without my little visit to kristen. a pea-sized amount covers my entire face and doesn’t feel at all like a treatment moisturizer. i love knowing that it’s working its magic while i move throughout my day and i’m obsessed with the way that it feels on my skin. i have also been instructed to use the partner eye cream for instantly visible brightening. my eye issues are thankfully limited to bluish tones underneath and some emerging crow’s feet. kristen promised that this stuff will help to keep all of that happily under control.

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for evening, the name of the game is plantscription created especially to target, ahem, anti aging. kristen chose anti-aging power serum and anti-aging power eye cream as my evening regimen. both of these feel highly hydrating, but they absorb instantly. i’m looking forward to seeing all of the assured lifting and firming with continued use, but i can tell you that they feel so-o good and my skin looks insanely bright and clear in the mornings. i predict that they will be a part of my routine for a long, long time.

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as a bonus, kristen introduced me to the concept of cocktailing my masks. i’m not currently using masks so this was all new to me. she chose to mix out of trouble (for problem skin) with calm to your senses (for sensitive and reactive skin) and apply them with a foundation brush. the experience was heavenly and i would have never thought to counteract one mask’s aggressive treatment with another’s calming effects. genius!

my origins experience was so wonderfully positive. as i was sitting in the chair, i told kristen and her team that i hoped lots of people took advantage of the mini facials. not only do i feel like i walked away with a “home base” routine that i can stick to, but i feel like i finally have a targeted skincare consultant on speed dial.

i can promise you that i will be back to shop in this gorgeous store again very soon. if you’re in the area and you pop in, please tell them that i sent you – and send my hellos to the fabulous kristen!

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