dior addict lip glow balm in lilac


i’m popping in from work travels in LA to share a fresh update on a glossarie favorite.

i already own this staple in two shades from dior. (both are incredible, but the coral is my more frequent go-to.) when i was at nordstrom last week getting a new tube of addict lipstick in lucky, the doll of a dior gal asked me if i tried new lip glow in lilac.

i somehow completely missed this shade even being released! so, she scampered to the back of the store to grab the very last tube. i didn’t even open it, look at it, or test it before having her ring it up. (if you’re keeping track, that’s $68 in lip product in less than 20 seconds.) i got it home, slathered it on and O.MG. is it good.

lilac is a perfect descriptor for this pre-spring stunner. there’s something so beautiful about the somewhere-between-pink-and-purple hue. it’s completely unique and unlike any other lip shade that i’ve tried. it makes my skin look brighter and the soothing semi-thick formula is the same from the first two shades. it’s hydrating and feels comfortable while giving a much-needed burst of color.

i will note that the only devil about these is that you must apply them to your lips for a full test in order to get the true effect of how the shade will look on you. an arm swatch will come up clear, but i promise the flush of pretty on the lips is super gorge.

happy spring lips to you!

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4 Comments to dior addict lip glow balm in lilac

  1. glassofglam says:

    Thanks for your thoughts! I always wanted to try this!

  2. Caroline Reeg says:

    This is helpful! Would you say it still looks natural? I am trying to decide between the lilac and the original pink. I just don’t want it to look too unnatural or too much of a vibrant pink.

    • lara ramos says:

      the original is super vibrant (can lean towards looking pretty unnatural), i would say the lilac or the coral are the most natural – probably the lilac is #1 in that department :)

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