we tried it: sephora lip IQ match

sephora lip iq in norfolk, va

if you aren’t familiar with the pantone color IQ matching at sephora, they basically use this little device to detect your skin tone and match you with any foundation in the store. it’s magical, because the machine not only matches your skin color, but also your undertones – so it’s a very precise and accurate match.

when i heard that sephora had expanded their services to lip color IQ matching, i was pumped. i always struggle with which shade of nude will look best on my skin tone or what red suits me best and won’t make my teeth look yellow (eek!). so, i decided to step into my local sephora and check it out for myself.

first off, a quick shoutout, because the service that i received at the sephora in norfolk, va was amazing! the cast member who helped me was so sweet and helpful. we started off doing the IQ match just as if i was getting matched for a foundation. she took the IQ machine and scanned my forehead, cheeks and neck. then, she took me over to the computer where i chose if i wanted to look for nudes, reds or berry shades. i chose nudes sicne they are my go-to and voila! a screen popped up with a dozen lip options deemed to be my perfect match. my favorite part was emailing the whole list to myself – it’s like a little set of #lipgoals.

after we discussed my results (browns and mauves) we shopped for a lip color to try. i chose kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick in lolita II and the cast member applied it on my lips also using a tarte lip liner. she educated me as she was applying and she even took the time to over-line my upper lip à la khloe and kylie, something i have always been too chicken to try.

overall the experience was awesome! it completely exceeded my expectations and i am lo-ving my new lip shade. if you’re sick of wandering the sephora aisles with a row of swatches on your arm, i highly recommend taking five minutes to explore the lip IQ.

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  1. Erin says:

    I had no idea that they had a lip IQ out?! That sounds so amazing because I’m always trying to find the perfect nude shade, but who isn’t!
    Erin | http://www.erinelizabethmiller.com

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