embracing my hair’s natural texture

naturally wavy bob

for years i have been saying that i’m going to do it. i’m going to part ways with my sleek bob and make way for the wayward curls and bends that are a part of my hair’s true dna. i don’t know if it has been a journey of finding the right products, finding the right motivation (hello, motherhood! goodbye, spare time!) or even if it’s some underlying desire to instill confidence in lou, who has her own head of curly hair (that i’m fairly obsessed with).

either way, it has been a good long while since my hair has seen the likes of a flat iron and i kind of feel like celebrating. here’s what’s been working for me:

i stopped using shampoo and conditioner dedicated to curly hair and started using products geared towards reversing damage. i like to keep things interesting, so i’m rotating this set from l’oreal, this one from pacifica and this one from bed head. all of them are great and i love how my hair performs on all three. (side note, i have also been playing around with conditioning my hair first and then shampooing second, but i don’t really know if it’s making a difference…)

out of the shower, i’m using this comb from phuse (the wide teeth don’t interrupt my curl pattern) and my favorite hair turban. i probably wear my hair all wrapped up for too long while i get work done, etc. but i like it to be about halfway dry before i add in product. i love this cream from briogeo and this new release from r+co. they add in the right mix of softness and support for my medium-fine waves.

i can get one washing to last a full three days without getting greasy (although this stuff does help me out on day 3 – as does a top knot when necessary) and i like to finger comb and shake out the twists on day two so that they don’t look too “perfect.” there’s also something about showering before bed, doing this whole routine, then sleeping on it that gives me the lived-in look i prefer.

as an added mini bonus, i have finally found the holy grail of products for baby curls and it’s no surprise that they come from ouidad. this shampoo and this conditioner are incredibly gentle and they smell delicious, making one curly mopped little tot and her momma both very happy.

do you have curls? what works for you?

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One Comment to embracing my hair’s natural texture

  1. Sara says:

    Have you tried “plopping?” My hair is very wavy/sorta curly, and it has made a world of difference with my hair. I use a special plopping towel I bought on amazon, let it dry like that until I leave the house, and pull it off as I walk out the door. I put in some moroccanoil (helps fight frizz for me) my hg aquage defining gel before I plop. No heat styling, ever. It’s made such a huge difference for me!

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