gel moisturizers

gel moisturizer

all of a sudden, the moisturizer that i have been loving all winter long, is no longer soaking into my skin. it’s just kind of…sitting there. and it is not playing nicely with my foundation causing things to kind of ball up and flake off. so gross.

in doing a little research, it seems that this is a common complaint of said moisturizer, but it could also be that the one i’m using is suddenly a bit more than my skin needs. my face is indeed soaking up what it wants, but the excess moisture is left on the surface to “fight” with my makeup.

so, i’m officially on the hunt for a spring-ready gel moisturizer. i was already on the prowl, but after devouring this byrdie article which noted all of the options on my shopping list as contenders, this seasonal must-have┬áhas shot to the very top of my pretty priorities.

do you use a gel moisturizer? have you tested or made friends with any of the options below? i’m curious to know if this is a spend or splurge moment (clearly i’m leaning a bit more towards splurge…) and if the ones that i’m considering are holy grail formulas or to be avoided altogether.

can’t wait to hear your thoughts – please spill and share in the comments!

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