algenist REVEAL color correcting radiant primer

Algenist REVEAL Color Correcting Radiant Primer

as my skin has been aging, i have been finding a makeup primer to be more and more necessary. the layer of extra skincare and prep really help my face look more polished and my foundation to wear longer than if i had applied it directly over my moisturizer. however, as i have been testing various options, one thing became very clear – a good primer is hard to find.

recently, algenist REVEAL color correcting radiant primer started popping up across the web as a must-have for spring. it has a color correcting property (a super trendy and of-the-moment concept) that completely evens out my skin and prevents me from overdosing on foundation. out of the tube, the primer is white with small granules of color. as i smooth it onto my face, the colors burst and blend together to create a sheer wash of tint that erases dullness, neutralizes yellow tones, cancels out redness and softens any brown spots or dark circles.

from there, my foundation glides over top seamlessly and i find that i can get away with using far less product for that flawless finish. it provides a nice, even canvas for the rest of my makeup with hardly any effort at all. besides just looking great, my foundation lasts through the entire day and still appears just as fresh when i get home as it did when i left the house.

this one is a major win for my skincare routine, especially because it hasn’t caused a single clogged pore or breakout. if you’re on the hunt for an innovative primer that will minimize imperfections from your hairline to your chin, algenist is your new secret weapon.

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