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my lashes have always been fine.

they’re not thin or sparse, they’re not short and stubby, they hold curl fairly well – but still, they are nothing to write home about. and for me, fine just isn’t enough, because i’m a girl who likes a lot of lash. i don’t know why it’s the one part of my face that i focus on, but something about a full fan of fringe just makes me feel on top of the world.

you would be hard-pressed to find a mascara that i have not tried. i have liked a lot of them over the years, but finding the love formula has been quite an undertaking. a few of them come to mind favorably – currently this one – but none of them are really delivering the end result that i’m after on their own.

a couple of weeks ago, i read this article on lash tinting. it’s something that has been on my radar for the better part of a decade (my aunt has been getting it done forever and she has always sung it’s praises), but this seemed like the perfect time to take the plunge. so, I googled and yelped my way to a local salon and went in for the kill.

the $25 treatment was a piece of cake. lay down on a bed with your eyes closed for 15 minutes? no problem. my aesthetician even warned me of burning and stinging after she cleaned the excess dye off of my lashes, but i didn’t experience that at all.

now, for results. while my cautious caretaker prefaced the whole thing by telling me tinting would not make my lashes thicker or longer, i must fundamentally disagree. the dye gripped onto lashes that i did not know i had, ones that i have never before been able to discover with any type of mascara wand. it also made my lashes completely black from root to tip, meaning that yes! they do in fact look longer. in fact, my lash line actually looks tight lined 24-7 because the roots of my lashes are so dark and my bottom lashes are full and beautiful. the whole set looks permanently mascara’d without the risk of smudging.

these days, when I wake up in the morning now, my eyes look halfway done! i love running around on the weekends now without mascara because my lashes look longer, fuller and very much darker. mascara, what used to be my obsession, has now become an afterthought. it’s great if i have time – and it definitely still adds oomph / enhances the situation, especially in visible length, but it’s no longer absolutely necessary.

the aesthetician told me that my dye job should last six weeks, at which point i will definitely be going back for more. so, while i know that I am very late to the lash tinting party, i had to share this big beauty win.

do you get your lashes tinted?

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7 Comments to on lash tinting

  1. Nancy M says:

    I tried it, and my watery eyes basically dissolved the dye before it got a chance to adhere. BUT, I’m pretty sure the girl was very inexperienced. Where did you go? I’d love to try it again. I want to discover my bottom lash line too ! :)

    • lara ramos says:

      oh no! i did not even think of that…i got it done at a salon called modern concepts in ashburn, va. reading yelp reviews really helped me to find the right place!

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  3. Melissa says:

    I have never even considered it before today but i too would love to get excited about my lashes without mascara. Thanks for the post!

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