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it’s no secret that beauty is a very personal thing – but i think that we can all agree, finding amazing quality makeup at a great price point is worth its weight in gold.

for many, NYX is leading the way in this area. the brand is bursting at the seams with amazing quality products (somehow getting even better with time!) at crazy price points that are always right within my budget.

fans of the brand will already know that actual NYX stores are popping up around the country. i recently visitedthe location in tyson’s corner (VA) – and to say that i’m impressed would be an understatement.

the store carries over 2,000 NYX products – including many things that i didn’t even know existed. it’s a beauty lover’s wonderland that has to be seen to be believed. after i regained my balance from nearly passing out over product euphoria, a quick chat with the head trainer for the brand told me that NYX caters to the self-taught makeup artist, especially those of us who have learned our makeup mastery from YouTube and bloggers.

my favorite space in the store was the beauty bar. the DIY station is stocked with an oversized mirror and iPads where guests can watch tutorials and easily replicate looks with any of the NYX products available. genius! i loved having the freedom to play, but still know that the super sweet employees are standing by to lend a helping hand in any way that they can.

while in store, i took advantage of the opportunity to try some products and learn a new trick. i have been trying to master the contoured cheek, so i perched at the beauty bar and away we went. i loved the NYX employee’s educational mindset. she walked me through one side and then handed off all of the tools so that i could try the technique on my own. the palette she used did amazing things for my cheekbones!

visiting the NYX store and meeting the team was such a pleasure. (don’t you love when one of your favorite brands is run by amazing people?!) keep your eye out for NYX stores opening up all over the country and please come back to tell us about any new product discoveries! our NYX wish list is ever growing…

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2 Comments to NYX retail store

  1. Cait Platt says:

    NYX brow mousse is my hero. I’ve multi colored eyebrows with the tail of my right one almost white blonde, which makes it look like I waxed off the end of my brow. NYX makes the best blonde to even out everything.

    • lara ramos says:

      1) your brow situation sounds AMAZE and 2) everyone loves that brow mousse! gotta get my hands on it stat.

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