benefit brow bar at ulta beauty

benefit brow bar at ulta beauty

about six months ago, i went to a threading appointment that left me bleeding. (it was my regular place, not my regular girl – she didn’t know what she was doing and it ended pretty badly for me.) since then, i opted to let my brows go for a very long time without waxing or threading. while i tried pretty hard to convince myself natural brows were in, they grew into a definitive hot mess.

while becoming more and more frustrated with their state of unruliness, i have been reading reviews of the benefit brow bar at ulta. on a recent stroll through the store, i decided that it was time to take the plunge.

my brow stylist was downright adorable. she was chatty and her brows looked amazing, so i instantly felt like i was in pretty good hands. she told me that she had been fully trained in benefit’s specific method of waxing brows. she mapped them out, filled them in, and then waxed everything that fell outside of the lines, talking me through the whole process and making me feel very comfortable.

she used an ultra gentle exclusive-to-benefit champagne wax – it almost has a mother of pearl sheen to it, seriously the prettiest wax that i have ever seen! she used a new wooden stick for every dip, completely eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination. (something i had never seen before, but now i know that i will be looking for it at every waxing.) the whole process was quick and painless. while some might find it weird to sit in the middle of a store and have your brows waxed, it wasn’t weird at all for me.

when she was done, she used a little powder to fill things in and the end results were absolute perfection. the sharpest lines, the most perfect taper, i could not be more obsessed with my brow shape and thickness. she really listened to me when i told her that i wanted things to look natural, but pulled together.

since then, the compliments have been pouring in and i have already sent countless people to the benefit brow bar at their local ulta. i was really impressed with the whole thing, by far the best brow experience that i have ever had.

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5 Comments to benefit brow bar at ulta beauty

  1. Amy says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta! I had never really learned how to shape and fill in my brows and decided this was the time. The stylist gave me a great lesson and I was super happy with the results of my wax. I happily took her card and was super jazzed that I had found a new person to wax my brows once a month! I’m sad though because the next month because when I called to make an appointment I was informed she had left! Tip: brow services are included in your spending towards Ulta rewards!

    • lara ramos says:

      that is an AMAZING tip on the rewards. and i have clearly learned harsh lessons about losing your go-to brow girl :( hopefully the new trainee will be just as fab! i think that’s one of the nice things about benefit’s set up – technically all stylists should be trained the same way for top-notch results. thanks for reading + sharing your benefit brow love!!

  2. Rachel says:


    Would u share which Ulta in the DC area you went to? In desperate need of some brow cleanup and I’m thinking of checking them out!

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