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ugh, my hair.

i know the grass is always greener, but here’s the deal. i have the type of hair that falls somewhere between wavy and curly. it resists straightening, making that process long and labor-intensive, and i have what is considered to be a week curl pattern which means wearing my hair in its natural state and making it look good actually takes a lot of effort.

on a recent twitter deep dive, i came across a selfie from sara whose curls are lust-worthy. when i mentioned to her how super gorge they were looking, she replied and i quote “it’s all devacurl.”

i don’t know how i have lived 34 years with curly hair without trying arguably the best curl brand on the market, but here we are. i prowled their website and actually reached out for some custom recommendations. i quickly secured low-poo delight, one condition and styling cream – and anxiously awaited their arrival.

since they have made their way into my shower routine, i have noticed a big difference in my hair. there is something about using a system prescribed for my particular brand of curl that makes products like these well worth the investment. normally, when I take my hair out of its turban each morning, it’s kind of kinky and flat. after using the devacurl goods, my curls are already defined with a happy sort of bounce. adding the styler just gives definition, shape and hold to my waves – and the final look is soft and natural without crunch, but it holds all day.

i can get one wash to last three days (currently loving this product as a refresher mist on day two!) and without the need for heat styling, my hair is so much happier and healthier. it curls up better and better each time that I use this trio.

considering that curls are tricky and hair type is so specific, i still have to assume that devacurl could bring life to twisted tendrils of all varieties. and – i’d be curious to know if there are any other devacurl lovers out there, if anyone has gotten one of their industry-leading haircuts, or if you have other curl products that you’re obsessed with!

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  1. Eileen Ferraiolo says:

    Your Mother! :)