elizabeth arden skin illuminating retexturing pads

elizabeth arden skin illuminating retexturizing pads

hi. are you still out there?

i know it’s been awhile, but when something finds its way into my regular routine, it’s still time to share it with you. some things just don’t change.

the current hero of my skincare regimen is a surprise from elizabeth arden. i have mistakenly counted this lady out as someone whose products were best suited for my mom, but it turns out that i have been missing some major opportunity for clear, bright, and glowing skin.

these skin illuminating retexturizing pads oh-so-sneakily combine manual exfoliation (which my skin has historically struggled with) and chemical exfoliation (which has not always done enough for me). they are slightly gritty and packed with glycolic acid to renew the top layers of skin and reveal serious glow. to counterbalance their major exfoliating powers, ms. arden brilliantly added in essential oils which help to keep things calm and eliminate all chances for redness.

as a whole, i am lo-ving these. my skin has turned from dull and patchy to smooth and glowy (where even my husband is making comments) – they are like a mini facial in a jar! i use one pad a few mornings each week and the way my moisturizer soaks in afterward feels delicious. following that, my foundation glides over top and blends beautifully.

along with delivering all-around gorgeous results, these pads are a road warrior’s dream. (have you ever tried to fly with a bottle of toner? it’s misery.) they have served up a big boost to my skincare situation, keeping my face flawless both at home and on the go – ensuring that i’ll be giving this brand a second look from now on.

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4 Comments to elizabeth arden skin illuminating retexturing pads

  1. riley says:

    How many pads are in the jar?

    • lara ramos says:

      60 – you could also cut these in half and get more uses out of them. they are pretty potent and i think 1/2 pad would do the trick quite well!

  2. Shaya Fitzgerald says:

    Hi Lara! How would you compare to First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance pads? Are the EA worth the difference in cost?

    • lara ramos says:

      oh hello!! so touched you stopped by :) these are definitely more intense than the first aid. they have a gritty almost needle-y texture to them, but my skin is super sensitive and they don’t irritate it. i’m actually torn between repurchasing these and repurchasing the somme institute transport pads – still leaning heavily towards these!

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