a few good things


i cannot pretend life isn’t crazy. transitioning to a fast-paced full-time office gig and four hours commuting daily has basically turned my reality upside down – but there are still so many bright spots, beauty and otherwise.

1 – my skin is looking GOOD. would you believe me if i told you that i haven’t had a zit since december 2015? this skincare routine is still rocking my world. i am using the toner, micellar water and serum religiously.

2 – this moisturizer is complementing my origins routine beautifully. i don’t know how i haven’t posted about it yet because it’s the first lightweight moisturizer to actually offer hydration. the souffle-like consistency is super unique and it refreshes my skin every time that i apply it. l-o-v-e (and already ordered a replacement tube!).

3 – i’m newly podcast obsessed and i cannot believe how i ever survived without my current favorites. leandra medine’s monocycle is simply amazing. i never really took to her as a blogger and now i’m kicking myself because her gritty realness is seriously inspiring. aside from that i love the longest shortest time for parenting advice (but GOOD parenting advice – just listen, you’ll see what i mean), lo bosworth and co’s lady lovin’ (so freakin’ great), and refinery 29’s strong opinions loosely held. any others that i’m missing?

4 – topping my wish list is this knockoff for the nars yachiyo brush. has anyone tried? you can see more of my product lusts here.

5 – i’m currently writing from the air en route to vegas and scooped up this dress before departure. it might be the most flattering thing in my closet. (and thank goodness for that, because let me tell you that 20 hours in your  car every week does not do nice things to your spare tire…)

what’s new with you?

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2 Comments to a few good things

  1. Kira Elliott says:

    I keep trying items in the Plantscription line and they are all too much for my skin, and make me break out! I want them to work, but accepting its not happening. I LOVE the original skin serum, and the ginzing moisturizer at night feels amazing. I’ve been using the ginzing eye cream, and working through a sample of the mega bright to see how that compares, and also just ordered the Re9 eye cream from Arbonne. The Arbonne Re9 spf moisturizer is the only thing with spf I have ever been able to use!

    Podcasts – def checkout Totally Married and Totally Mommy. I am a die hard listener as of 2 years ago, Totally Mommy is the best, and there is a great fb moms group of listeners. Another great one, short one topic podcasts, is Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled. And One Bad Mother :) I listen to longest shortest sometimes and will check out the others you mentioned!

    • lara ramos says:

      thank you for stopping by!! such a bummer about the origins stuff – it has been such a lifesaver for me, but it’s a perfect reminder of how very personalized skin care is. i love janet lansbury! listen to her faithfully and i will check out totally mommy. my friends have a marriage podcast called “marriage is funny” that i also highly recommend :) xxxxx

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