lipstick love: glossier generation g

glossier generation g lipstick

do you find that your lipstick collection tends to accumulate in the bottom of your bag?

i change my lip color daily and i’m terrible at putting things away, so by mid-to-late week, the various shades start to collect and this is what it looked like last thursday. if you count them, there are eight products in tow. while the cocoa butter swivel stick is always within arm’s reach, i actually do wear the rest of these pretty regularly.

the newest to the collection, and the one that has surprised me the most, is glossier generation g in like. i love the size of the stick (it’s perfect for my lips) and the finished effect is kind of blurred and smudgy – almost as though it’s meant to be left a bit undone. it also somehow magically feels like you’ve got nothing on – it’s not really moisturizing, but it’s not drying, it’s just…neutral. bottom line: there is an easy unfussiness about this product, and the shade is so gorgeous that i just can’t get enough.

on a side note, this lip spill has me reminiscing over the #lipbomb series from a few years ago. i’m wondering if i should revive it, since i loved sneakily peeking into your makeup bags! if you’re game, please send those bombs over to

final side note, if there are any other goodies from this pileup that you would like me to review more thoroughly, let me know in the comments below.

have a great week, beauties!

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One Comment to lipstick love: glossier generation g

  1. Laurie says:

    All for the return of the #lipbomb! Also…I love these lipsticks, too!