holographic glitter nails from ilnp

holographic glitter nail polish

hi! happy friday.

i’m popping in briefly to say 1) i miss you, 2) i’m still alive and 3) this holographic glitter nail lacquer is everything and then some.

if you’re mourning the end of summer and need a sunny little pick me up, this bottle is sure to do the trick. you can see the holographic effects for yourself in live action on instagram. i’m obsessed and only wishing that i had a bit more of a tan to make this glitter truly pop.

the ilnp brand is new to me, but i will absolutely be back for more. i took this bottle to my favorite nail salon and my manicurist really loved how smoothly it went on. i should note that it takes 3 careful coats to get the look, but it’s so so worth it. (and if you don’t want to take my word for it, you can read the 80+ positive reviews on amazon!)

as a major bonus, i’m anticipating that this will be a cinch to remove, unlike other glitter polishes (a process that i despise). that and the fact that me and my super shimmery nails are off to austin for a dear friends bachelorette celebrations – well it’s just really making me happy.

are you into the holographic nail trend? gonna snag this one?

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  1. I have this nail polish too! I LOVE it!

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