living proof full dry volume blast

living proof dry shampoo full dry volume blast

today’s on-time work arrival is brought to you by the dynamic spray duo up above.

on the mornings when i just can’t drag myself out of bed early enough to wash / dry / straighten my hair, i often try to get away with using a dry texturizing spray in lieu of dry shampoo. most dry shampoos make my scalp itchy and i love that news-anchor-like bump of lift at the roots. the problem? texturizing spray does nothing to “cleanse” my hair or zap oil.

only when living proof introduced their new full dry volume blast did i realize that there actually might be something to layering the products i use to freshen up my hair on days 2, 3 and beyond. this morning, i used perfect hair day dry shampoo as i normally would to eliminate oil at my part and around my crown, then i followed up with full dry volume blast to add some oomph and style back into my slept-on hair.

it worked like a dream (smells ah-mazing too boot) and while i’m sure that my hair can probably only withstand one day of this combination, it has done enough to get me an extra thirty minutes of sleep, and a polished look that does not reveal my laziness to my coworkers (unless they are reading this post – in which case i am BUSTED).

my love for this brand knows no bounds – and living proof nails it every single time. these products are rockstars on their own, but their potential is more fully realized when you use them together. hair is effortlessly refreshed in texture, shape, and lift.

now if only some combination of magical products could eliminate the bags under my eyes, we’d be all set…

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