pixi lash nourish makeup remover pads


do i have a $10 treat for you.

let’s just say that i have been experiencing some crazy lash growth lately. my normal nothing-to-write-home-about lashes are long, lush and curled at the ends. i seriously keep having to do a double take to make sure they are mine – and no, i did not bite the bullet on extensions.

when thinking about changes i have made to my eye care, the only addition has been these adorable little remover pads from pixi. i’ve been using them alongside my micellar water to remove my eye makeup each night and i’m obsessed. not only does one tiny pad remove all of the makeup from both eyes without rubbing or tugging, but the ingredients are extra soothing, never irritating or stinging.

as i’ve dug in to do a little extra research on why my lashes look so damn good, the ingredients in these pads are pretty on point, with heavy hitters being argan oil and castor oil – most likely what’s contributing to the new-found length and volume. after a couple weeks of use, upon waking, my lashes they look like they have at least one coat of lengthening mascara on them, when i know that they are naked. it’s insane.

these little beauties treat my delicate eye area while ridding it of my day’s mascara, primer and shadow. some may consider buying them for the growth factor alone. with the cost of lash serums out there, if i had known how they would contribute to longer lashes – i would have pulled the trigger much sooner!

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