bow’d up


you may have seen on instagram that this was my favorite beauty moment of the golden globes. now, i’m fairly obsessed with sienna miller on a regular head-to-toe basis, but this whole situation to me was so refreshing.

now, i feel compelled to confess that i ran around my small virginia liberal arts college campus in cheerleader shorts (never cheered) and a sleek ponytail tied with a black ribbon for the better part of two years. i thought i was the literal cool-est.

better fashion judgment aside, it seems that the hair ribbon trend might actually be happening. (note: it was not happening in 2003/2004.) and if my girl sienna is not making you want to run out to the craft store and scoop up some materials and give this a spin, i recommend a pinterest perusal of “black hair ribbon” for additional inspo.

might i can suggest a thinny mini black velvet option as featured above? you can always tie it around your neck à la michelle williams on an off day.

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