stroke of beauty density+ fiber brow gel


i feel like this one has been with me so long, popping in and out of my routine, that i must have written about it already, but somehow it escaped a full review.

so, here we are.

i think you know that with my brows, it’s complicated.┬áthe hair is dark, but kind of patchy – and with fair skin underneath it can make the whole situation seem very much like a hot mess. even when they’re freshly waxed, it still takes some grooming to get them looking presentable, so i’m often on the hunt for something that pulls them together quickly and naturally.

i’ve been switching off between this and this, but they are both kind of falling short as of late. today, at a bit of a loss, i pulled my third option out of the drawer and decided to do one brow with benefit and one brow with this density+ fiber brow gel.

WHOA. what a difference.

it’s definitely the presence of fibers in holly mordini’s stroke of beauty product that gives my brows the oomph they really need. instead of just filling in the white spots (which it does, seamlessly) the fibers actually add in some volume and make it look like i’ve got hairs in places i don’t. it adds the darkness that i crave but also kind of tricks the eye into thinking i’ve got fuller arches than i really do.


if you’re tired of brow gels that only tint and you’re looking for something that’s a step above, try the tiny tube you’ve probably never heard of. i think you’ll find that it kicks these other wannabes to the curb and brings something much better to the table.

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