christophe robin cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt

real talk: sometimes life gets in the way and you forget to wash your hair for a week. (real’er talk: these days, life sounds something like “mommy, what color is my big girl bed going to be?” or “mommy, can we bring cinderelly’s castle to the new house?” or best, “mommy, is there water to drink in new york?” #moving) and while i am all for praising dry shampoo and my ever sharpening top knot skills, sometimes your scalp reacts unfavorably to not being cleansed.

lately, when i need to hit the reset button on what’s happening at the top of my head, i reach for this scrub by christophe robin. it’s kind of the coolest. the consistency is super thick (think paste, or peanut butter) and is basically a detox shampoo all mixed up with chunky sea salt crystals to exfoliate. i grab a tablespoon full and distribute it from my hair line to the base of my skull and it feels so-o amazing.

the product removes buildup and zaps oil for when you’ve taken your hair one day past its due. the results are super fluffy, boosted roots with hair that’s lightweight and full of volume. somehow the salt is not at all drying, but, depending on your hair type, i would recommend following up with detangling conditioner. i steal my daughter’s because 1) her spirals snag like no other and 2) it smells like a fruit smoothie. you could also work it through with something like this for extra credit. to finish, style with your favorite air-dry product and take your soothed, balanced, happy scalp out on the town.

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